Attractions & Experiences
The Yukon is home to an exciting range of cultural, heritage and outdoor experiences that will get you out on the land, into our heritage and hearing our stories first hand.
You can see our beautiful homeland from the comfort of a modern vehicle or motor boat, on horseback, by bicycling or walking. Explore the list below and check with cultural centre and visitor information centre staff to access the most up-to-date information on these opportunities.

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Cultural & Interpretive Centres
Discover our world!
Many First Nations have designed cultural centres to share their unique traditions. They are a gathering place for communities and a place for visitors to experience the hospitality and traditions of Yukon First Nations. There are also museums, visitor centres and informative signs along highways and river paths to guide you through our natural history and the traditions of our people. Click on the links below to visit our world class heritage, cultural, visitor and interpretive centres in various communities—they sponsor a wide range of events and activities year round so visit often—virtually and in person! You’ll always be welcome!

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Festivals & Gatherings
As Yukon First Nations people, we have a rich culture.
A culture that's kept alive by sharing our many songs, dances and drumming, and our beautiful art & crafts. We welcome you to our world-class gatherings and festivals where you will experience our warm hospitality and cultural traditions.

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