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The Yukon First Nations Culture and Tourism Association (YFNCT) is a non-profit organization committed to supporting, growing and promoting vibrant and sustainable arts, culture and tourism sectors. We work with artists, tourism entrepreneurs, cultural centres, heritage departments and industry organizations across Yukon helping YFN individuals and communities prepare for and maximize opportunities in arts, culture and tourism industries.

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What We Do

YFNCT provides a range of services that benefit individual needs. We offer:

Artist Development

Our programs and services include workshops and training in skills, creative and professional development; branding and marketing support; an artist referral system, special events, tradeshows, markets, one-on-one coaching and business support. We also connect YFN art and artists with local, national and international markets and audiences through presentations, exhibitions, artist collaborative projects and our flagship events – the Adäka Cultural Festival.

Tourism Development

We work closely with entrepreneurs, communities and industry partners to support the development, promotion and delivery of authentic tourism experiences. This includes training and one-on-one coaching in market and export readiness, access to information resources and funding, linkages to the tourism trade and more.

Networking, Partnerships & Advocacy

We connect and build partnerships between sector stakeholders to increase collaboration, leverage resources and create new opportunities. We work to build a unified voice that can influence and advocate, on behalf of the arts, culture and tourism industries in Yukon First Nations communities.

Marketing, Promotion & Sales

Our marketing efforts focus on increasing the understanding, awareness and demand for YFN arts, culture and tourism experiences within and beyond Yukon. We present and participate in a variety of special events, industry tradeshows, conferences and forums. We work with our partners across Yukon to promote YFN arts and tourism experiences through a variety of print publications (including a new YFN welcome guide), co-op advertising, web, social media, promotion and more.

Foster & Celebrate

We believe arts and culture unify and strength Yukon First Nation communities creating pride, renowned artists, and inspiring experiences that attract visitors from around the world.

Be Part Of A Growing Sector

Membership in YFNCT means being connected with your sector and with Yukon’s thriving Indigenous cultures. Together we will advocate for Yukon First Nations initiatives in the arts, culture and tourism industries By participating in YFNCT, you will contribute to growing the Yukon as a tourism destination attracting local, national, and international markets.

Membership Benefits

  • Increase your visibility in arts, culture and tourism markets
  • Connect with and expand your industry network at the territorial, national and international levels
  • Develop your market knowledge, skills and know-how
  • Gain access to industry news, resources and research
  • Obtain additional benefits through YFNCT’s membership

How To Become A Member

Because of the unprecedented economic conditions taking place due to effects of COVID-19 around the world, we are presently waiving membership fees. Please contact us to become a member.