It takes a community to build a boat

It takes a community to build a boat

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Building traditional watercraft was always a community effort, and it’s still the same. The boat builders are putting in long hours to build the frames, but much work is still to come and they need our help.

Please tag friends who have these skills or experience, or who want to come learn!

MOOSE: We are preparing several hides for the moose skin boat and need people now to help with moose fleshing and scraping and moose hide roping and sewing.

BIRCH BARK: Construction of the birch bark canoe will start next week, and soon we need people who can help with root peeling and cutting and birchbark sewing.

SEAL SKIN: We also need help with seal skin scraping and sewing for the seal skin qayaq.

Tag us here, or email us at to sign up or get more info!

This project couldn’t happen without the many dedicated volunteers who support the builders. The dugout canoe has seen a steady rotation of helpers like Dan Shorty who is now making paddles. A big thank you also to YFNCT’s dedicated board members - like Florence Moses whose frequent visits bring smiles from all the boat builders.

Thank you for being part of Dań Kwanje ‘Á-Nààn!