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Essayez-vous aux qulliq et ulu, écoutez les histoires des anciens du Yukon, apprenez tout sur Frank Slim, et plus encore!
Consultez notre programme et le calendrier de nos ateliers, et prévoyez ce que vous ferez pendant le mois.

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Hide Fleshing Tool Making with George Roberts
Make a traditional hide flesher from surgical steel and wood for preparing moose and caribou skins in this two-day workshop. $125 Register Now

Make Bannock with Gramma Treesaw
Learn how to make traditional fried bannock - yummy! $25 Register Now

Cedar Bark Hat Making with Debra Michel
Learn to weave strips of cedar bark into a traditional, coastal style hat with artist Debra Michel in this two day workshop. $200 Register Now

Drum Marking with Wayne Carlick
Make a traditional 20 inch rawhide drum in this amazing two day workshop. $200 Register Now

Traditional Fish Net with Paddy & Wayne Jim
Learn how to make a sinew fishnet and conical willow fish trap in the traditional manner. $25
Register Now

Birch Bark Basket Making with Christine Sam
Make a birch bark basket from start to finish in this two day workshop with artist Christine Sam. $150 Register Now

Qulliq - Traditional Inuit Oil Lamp with Gay Rasmussen
Learn how to make a traditional stone oil lamp with Gary Rasmussen. $100 Register Now

Moose Hair Dying & Tufting with Nancy Hager
Learn how to dye and tuft moose hair to make a beautiful piece of art. $75 Register Now